• Padraig Mallon

Why a Capture Vent UVC Canopy?

A common problem with kitchen extract systems is that grease inevitably gets carried over into the extract ductwork. If this grease builds up it provides fuel for a fire and represents a significant fire risk within the building. Also, the odours from kitchen ventilation systems can be a major nuisance, depending on the location, cuisine and point of extract.

Both problems can be designed out, by using Capture vent UV canopies from Pure Vent. Capture vent UV canopies incorporate Ultraviolet UVC light to provide secondary grease removal and odour destruction.

How it works:

The canopies have high efficiency baffle filters which provide the first stage of grease removal and it also acts as a physical barrier to restrict the spread of flames. The extracted air then passes through the UV reaction chamber, located deep inside the canopy well away from prying eyes and protected with safety interlocks.

Pure Vent develop UVC Canopies in house. A collective collaboration between the design and the manufacturing team drawing from both experience and expertise to create this canopy.

For more information, you can contact us here.

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