• Padraig Mallon

The Importance of Cleaning Your Exhaust System’s Ducts

Your ventilation system works hard on keeping the air in your commercial kitchen fresh, clean and provides a workable environment for your staff. It takes in grease and food particles from the kitchen throughout the day and safely deposits it through the ductwork to the outdoors.

You must ensure your ductwork is thoroughly cleaned regularly to avoid fire safety risks for your commercial establishment. Over time the grease in the air being brought into the system will begin to build up. If left uncleaned for too long the grease has a much higher chance of igniting and causing a catastrophic fire. A clean exhaust system also runs more efficiently and leaves your restaurant feeling much fresher for both employees and customers.

As well as reducing the risk of fire, regular duct cleans will also help keep your energy bills down and reduce airborne carcinogens and carbon monoxide.

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