• Padraig Mallon

Pure Vent Chill and Freezer Rooms

Did you know that Pure Vent design and manufacture bespoke chill and freezer rooms? At Pure Vent we always aim to go that extra mile for our clients. All of our chill and freezer rooms are designed and manufactured so that they are bespoke to your project and rather than offering you an off the shelf modular system that only meets part of your requirements. we can offer a truly tailored solution that maximizes space and allows us to build a site-specific solution that works for you.

Chill and freezer rooms are available in multiple dimensions, outfitted with features for optimal temperature management. They are reliable, energy-efficient and ideal enough to keep your products at the perfect temperature and to maintain a high level of hygiene ensuring that products are stored in a controlled environment.

From small product fridges in shops and retail outlets to supermarket refrigeration, pack systems and large coldstores we have the knowledge, know-how, and supplier backup to carry out your job, no matter how big or small it may be.

All of our refrigeration engineers are “F-gas” and “Institute of refrigeration” certified and are trained in brazing standards and We can supply and install refrigeration from all the major suppliers including Danfoss, Copeland, Searle, TAE, L’unite, ECO, Pastorfrigor, Arneg and Interlevin.

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