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Commercial Kitchens - Health and Safety.

Health and safety regulations are of upmost importance when it comes to commercial kitchens to ensure not only health and safety of staff but to also ensure the longevity of the Kitchen. A crucial aspect of this is a good commercial kitchen ventilation system. A poor-quality ventilation system can result in an unhygienic and unsafe working and dining environment.

How do commercial kitchens differ from residential home kitchens when it comes to ventilation? Commercial kitchens contain a lot more heat due to the large amounts of food being cooked, the methods used, and the number of staff present. Due to these reasons, the build-up of heat, grease and smoke can cause a health hazard.

Proper installation of good quality commercial kitchen has a number of benefits!

Air Quality Heat, smoke, steam, airborne particles and odours can be damaging to skin, eyes and even cause respiratory issues. A good kitchen ventilator will remove the irritants from the air and control the temperature inside the kitchen making it a much safer and enjoyable work environment.

Removal of Grease

Grease build up in kitchens can be highly unhygienic and can be very difficult to remove from appliances and walls. Kitchen ventilation systems help remove grease particles from the air quickly and effectively before it sticks to surfaces.

Odour Control.

Preparing and cooking different food in one environment can cause an odour build up which can be unpleasant. However, installing a good ventilation system will eliminate odours.

Pure Vent has only been installing the best quality ventilation systems over the last 20 years and that’s why we’re one of Ireland and the UK’s leading supplier when it comes to kitchen ventilation.

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