• Padraig Mallon

Benefits of Kitchen Ventilation Canopies

Updated: Mar 2

We understand that every commercial kitchen is different when it comes to size, layout and even style, but there are certain essentials that every commercial kitchen requires – one of them being a ventilation canopy. Ventilation canopies are an essential part of every commercial kitchen and here is why:

Commercial kitchens are environments where large quantities of food is prepared and cooked throughout the day which can cause unwanted odours and fumes. A carefully fitted ventilation canopy will catch fumes, grease particles and steam quickly and then extract them from your kitchen. The main benefit of removing these unwanted particles from the air is that it reduces the likelihood of bacteria and mould growing in your commercial kitchen.

Commercial kitchens are known for getting hot and stuffy, making it difficult for staff to work and feel comfortable. A good commercial ventilation canopy will create a cool and pleasant working environment for staff as it releases fresh air and keeps the working environment ventilated.

Another benefit to consider is lighting, improved lighting is beneficial whether you are cooking or cleaning and will enable you to see what you are working on whilst reducing fatigue.

At Pure Vent we can work with you on creating a bespoke kitchen canopy designed specifically for your kitchen and staff.

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